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Do Pictures Speak Lie

Dec 1 2015 at 06:25am

Does Pictures Speak Lie? Media is regarded fifth estate of democracy. But when it is Kashmir every estate becomes dysfunctional. Like the idea of democracy itself, democratic media looks to concepts such as transparency, inclusiveness. The idea of democratic media stems from the belief that media is a vital part of a democratic society. Democracy requires a media system that provides people with a wide range of opinion and analysis and debate on important issues, reflects the diversity of citizens, and promotes public accountability of the powers-that-be and the powers-that-want-to-be. But here in Kashmir every thing remains limited to books and theory. The government blocked all the local channels toms canada outlet to keep veil on their incapability. This made me to get Dish TV recharged so that I may be up-to-date and see reality clearly. But it was a disgusting experience when I switched on my TV. And I got answer to many questions which I had. I many times was denied accommodation out side State on the grounds that I am Kashmiri. I was blaming people for all this but today I realized why they have different attitude towards us. It is media which portrays different image of ours. I was searching for a channel which would run news about Kashmir mean while a watched that a programme on recent conditions is run on Times Now. I thought for a while that this would bring reality before the world particularly before the people of our own country who have mostly very negative image of Kashmiri people. But programme not only hurt me a lot but exposed the face of media. Goswami was hosting the programme he had invited guests cheap toms shoes canada Wajahat Habibullah, Tarun Vijay assistant editor of prominent National daily The Hindu. Geeta Sehgal from UK, Praveen Swami of BJP and Bilal Gani Lone and Saif Din Soz from Kashmir. The programme more was run to cover up present brutalities of forces, government incapability to handle the situation. It was not only the host but assistant editor of the Hindu who showed much partiality. They might had thought they are doing it all for national interest but it tribulations more to nation than it do well to. The host was concluded whole situation by depicting few pictures on screen in which mob were shown violent. I am not in favor of such violence, but what views was his about the brutalities of forces. Picture which was showing mob beating a trooper was displayed on screen after every minute to blame protesters for whole situation. It was beating or throwing stones by protesters which forced them to reply with bullet. What about those pictures which naked brutality of forces? What kind of journalism is this? Beating of companion of forces make them fire. What about beating of Javeed Bangroo to death by troopers? Are Kashmiri not humans? Have they no felling? When beating of CRPF personal made you justify open fire on mobs? Why not pelting stones in response killing of kith and kins of an individual. The massage which was shown after every few seconds on the television screen was, Do Pictures Speak Lie? I would like ask him a simple question. No one can be blind to these pictures which reveal every thing. Do pictures taken by local toms shoes outlet canada journalists speak lie? Or are they fabricated? Wajahat Habibula very rightly replied to this question. He replied that this is not rented and lynch mob but these are the young Kashmiris who are smearing anger, emotional response. In response to money is pumped for stone pelting by both Goswami and Assistant Editor of Hindu he asked who feed them? Tarun Vijay from BJP even went to the extent that he limited mass upsurge of Kashmir to Sopore, Barahmulla and Srinagar. If this had been case why state government imposed curfew in whole valley and Macavillian principles were followed. It is very sad that assistant of the leading news paper justified innocent killing. In response to Bilal statement that when dead of innocent reaches home that provoke people. Assistant Editor said what about the nation when a dead body of trooper reaches home. I want to ask has Indian send troopers to kill innocent people. They have been deployed protect people and nab terrorist as publicly is said by Home Ministry of India. It is then second thing that if they don treat us Indian. His statement was too contradictory on the one hand he said that these are rented mobs which are few hundreds in number and on the same he told people of Kashmir are asking for Pakistan. When these are few hundred rented lynch mob then where from people came? Mr Soz avoided commenting on Sagars statement as it may not bring more strain on there coalition relations as power is more valuable than the lives of innocent Kashmiris. How silly is the statement of him when he said I am appealing people to restrain and make cooperation. Forces are entering in the houses of people to get young children out and kill them. The present government has totally failed to handle the situation and maintain law and order and restrain a security force that is why they have shifted once again blame on people. You your self are saying that these are few hundreds rented mod on the other you are requesting whole Kashmir how silly is this? Honorable Omer Abdula was expected to do some thing different from his father but he too seems following the path of his father by changing colures like squarell. Twenty hours did not pass when he blamed CRPF for detouring condition in Kashmir and he again shifted blame to separatists and PDP. He is trying to fool the people of Kashmir like his Grand Pa but he mistaken. Things has changed lot since than. On one hand he made tall claims that that forces has been instructed to maintain extreme restrain and on the other he said that curfew imposed will be enforced. Dear Omer is your memory so weak that you forget things very early. Honrable CM is putting salt and chilly on the wounds which have been given by his Grandpa, Father and him. For God sake please don mislead innocent people of my valley. We know you have great love for your chair and can go any extent to retain it but please don play the lives of our teen agers. Many congratulations have to you and chair. One important thing I would like to request my people of India please be aware of some self vested journalists who want to give present ongoing other twist. The Goswami of Times Now tried to link present ongoing to put hurdles in Shri Amarnath Yatra which is very condemnable. Kashmiri people proved it during Ragda .Kashmiri were not having food to eat during economic blockade butKashhmirs fed Yatris. which was noticed by local media. Yatris of Shri Amarnath Yatra were provided food in Dalgate by people who them self were depend on relif from Villages due to bandh and economic blockade. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat

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