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Do Something Different

Dec 1 2015 at 08:47pm

Are you stuck in a rut or perhaps feeling bored with life? Is your daily motivation waning? Do you feel a desire for change but unsure how to get it? The time has come to do something different.

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We are genetically designed to do things in certain patterns and in a certain order. Although most of us claim to enjoy spontaneity, we usually adhere to familiar routines and polo ralph lauren australia what we know best. There a sense of security in this but it is probably little wonder that we get bored sometimes.

Fortunately though, breaking these patterns, and creating change can be easily done. FIT Science was developed by Head of Psychology Professor Ben Fletcher and his colleagues at the University of Hertfordshire in England. It is the result of nearly 20 years research and is used analyse corporate culture, business strengths and weaknesses, and the performance potential of an individual within a corporation.

But this new therapy technique isn just for the corporate world. It has real implications for us all. FIT is an acronym for ramework for Internal Transformation? Part of FIT is a habit-breaking science called o Something Different?or more simply, DSD. It encourages participants to step out of their comfort zones by trying something new and break their usual habits as a result.

DSD is a way to help people achieve desirable and purposeful change in their life. Fletcher simple philosophy is that in order to get something different from life, you have to DO something different. It has been applied to areas like reducing anxiety and depression, getting people back into employment, improving performance, weight loss, personal projects and smoking cessation. The theory is that a changing behavioural flexibility will stimulate a change in mindset which then leads to greater willpower and effort.

Research has already shown that using DSD boosts health and wellbeing. Fletcher explains: y doing something different the world changes a little and the new experience can kick-start new thoughts. DSD facilitates change and makes people feel betterreaking up the massive icebergs of inertia that freeze people into bad habits.?br />
Even for the most rigid creatures of habit, doing something different is easy because it doesn have footybingo.com.au/ to be a significant change. It can be as simple as taking an alternative route to work, listening to a different radio station, eating a new breakfast cereal or reading a part of the newspaper you usually miss. The old adage that change is as good as a holiday?is really starting to ring true!

As soon as you modify your behaviour, something starts to shift within you. Not only are you open to a whole new set of opportunities but these fresh experiences increase your brain activity making you smarter, more energetic, sociable and creative. In fact, it been scientifically proven that mastering a new skill such as juggling actually increases the size of your brain. True story!

The key to embracing and taking advantage of this concept is not to sit waiting for change to come to you. No, you need to go out and grab it for yourself. If you don know where to start, just try saying yes to the next random offer that comes your way. Open your mind to the possibilities because you never know where they may take you. You will find that the deviation from your normal routine will leave you feeling energised and motivated for your other more habitual tasks.

With the evolution of the internet, you don even have to leave the house to try something new. There are resources on everything from knitting a scarf to building a rocket. It doesn matter greatly what you choose as long as it something you haven done before. The completion of a project or the mastering of a new skill will offer you a great sense of achievement, in increase in confidence and a change in ralph lauren outlet your self-belief. It will leave you feeling excited about the next possible challenge.

If you can master a new talent, what else can you do? When you put your mind to it, just about anything is possible; even things you previously only dreamed of. In a way, that captures the essence and real power of the Do Something Different concept. Think of something that you would really like to do in life but have never tried before. Then act on your inspiration and do it.

If you want to lose weight, begin a new diet. If you want to get fit, try a physical training program. If it wealth that you seek, the DSD philosophy is essential. Simply put, you will never get rich by staying in your present routine and saving pennies. You need something different that will reach beyond what you are currently attaining. In simple terms you either need a better job, second job or a business of some description.

Of these options, a business that creates a residual income is surely the best. I know when I started marketing online, I had the sense of excitement, anticipation and motivation that Ben Fletcher refers to in relation to DSD. I was trying something new and it didn matter at that point in time whether it was successful. I was enjoying the new experience and it had a positive impact across other areas of my life. I was developing a strong sense of self-belief and confidence.

As my business became a success, I realised the power of simply trying something different. It offered me opportunities and life choices that I never had before. If youe at a crossroad, this is your time to step out from those familiar routines. Years from now, you will more disappointed by the things that you didn do than by the ones you did do. This is the chance to feel the personal joy of doing something new while creating a better lifestyle for you and your family. Be inspired and seize the moment.
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