weisheng3302: Flag Display Cases Honor Veterans

Flag Display Cases Honor Veterans

Dec 2 2015 at 03:08am

Flag displays have been historically used to honor deceased veterans in the United States. These cases are often an important part of funerals for veterans. Once the funeral is over, the U.S. flag is neatly folded and stored within the case along with any other medals awarded to the veteran during their service.

Many flag cases are adorned with a medallion specific to different services. These include medallions specific to michael kors the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. There are cases made out of different types of wood so that you can choose one that can be displayed beautifully within your home.

When folding the flag to insert inside michael kors of the flag case, there www.uramet.com.au/ is typically a 12-fold procedure involved. Historically, each fold symbolizes the patriotic and spiritual meaning in the person life. When the flag is folded 12 times, it should form a triangle that fits neatly within the case. The blue field and stars should lie on the top as it is inserted in the flag case. When the flag is displayed in this way with the stars on the top and stripes on the bottom, it represents the 13 colonies that eventually formed the 50 states.

To add an elegant touch to the flag display, set the case on a pedestal. There are pedestals specifically designed for this purpose. Pedestals may be purchased with medallions that include the Great Seal of the United States, or medallions specific to a service including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

You may choose to include a personalized nameplate on the flag case. Consider including the name of the deceased veteran along with their service title. Many people also choose to include their loved one birth date and date of death.

If you would like to include the veteran cremation ashes within the case, you will find that there are special flag cases that include urn compartments for this purpose. This type of flag case offers a meaningful way to store the ashes of your loved one while honoring their service.

Flag cases can be displayed on fireplace mantles, on bookshelves, or other special places in the home. Many are also wall mountable. Choose a place in your home that you feel honors your loved one well. The case may be left closed or can be left open so that the veteran medals and the flag can be viewed.
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