qqq0909g: There is no need to be intimidated by large banks!

There is no need to be intimidated by large banks!

Dec 2 2015 at 07:26am

Banks tend to make me nervous. The larger the bank, the worse the sense of feeling insecure. I kind of feel intimidated whenever I walk into a bank. The task at hand would be small and could have been completed in a few minutes; however, I always end up spending at least an hour before I could even get started. I almost went back to the good old ways of saving money in stocking.

However, the other day I stepped into the local branch of the bank I have been banking with toms shoes canada for the past five years and believe me to be honest and upfront it hasn been exactly a great experience. As usual the bank is bustling with activity and is crowded when I went in. The moment I step in I get this feeling of being lost. I walk up to the desk, behind which is seated this officious looking person, wearing well polished glasses and in an immaculate grey suit. He is well shod and the shine on his shoes were put in by a professional shoe-shine boy. I felt toms canada outlet very conspicuous in my threadbare suit and shoes that needed to be urgently replaced. Why wouldn I feel insecure? And all I wanted was to have my current address updated in the bank records; however I was sure that the gentleman behind the tidy desk is going to bring up the subject of my overdraft which has been hanging fire for quite a long time. After exchanging pleasantries that sounded really hollow, I almost cringed in my seat at the tone in which he said, es, how can I help you??I cleared my throat nervously and replied that I had come to update my current address and he quickly opened his draw and pulled out an official looking form and dropped it on the desk. lease fill this up,?he said. Most of these bank slips and forms tend to confuse me as there is a whole lot of information they ask for. Who on earth came up with such brilliant ideas? However, I finally completed the task at hand and was a wreck by the time I was done.

While walking out from the bank I noticed sign toms canada outlet that spoke about, anking from the comfort of your home,?and went up the desk right below the sign. This time it was a cheerful young lady that I had to contend with. Thanks for the small mercies. I pulled up a chair and started explaining my predicament to her and she was more than willing to assist me. She explained how I could do away with having to come over to the bank for such small things by registering for what was called net banking. To be more precise, it was internet banking that she was talking about. The way she went about it made me think that this was something that was going to be real easy. All I had to do was get a high speed Internet connection from any of the providers like ATT Uverse Internet I would be good to go. She made it sound so simple and easy that I started changing my opinion about banks in general. I was initiated into the joys of Internet or Online Banking, as it is called and found that I could do things like money transfer, updating my personal information, checking my balance (which happens to be bare minimum most of the times) and even check on fresh offers for loans and mortgages and apply them all online. Nowadays I do not waste my time as my physical presence at the bank is hardly ever required.

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