qqq0909g: Nokia 1680 Classic Review

Nokia 1680 Classic Review

Dec 2 2015 at 07:26am

As classic as its name implies, the Nokia 1680 is a look back into a time when mobile phones were much simpler in nature and not the feature packed, do-it-all, accessories that they are today. That said, the Nokia 1680 does come with some features, although they are the more moderate versions of those available in high end mobile phones. Still, for an entry level mobile phone that means that most users at whom the Nokia 1680 is targeted it would not want the glitzy exterior or the feature intense options, but rather would much prefer something simple yet complete. And that is exactly what the Nokia 1680 is.

Features of the Nokia 1680 Classic

Certainly there aren't many features, however the few that are provide some basic functions that can be used and michael kors handbags australia played around with. First among these is the camera, which, at 0.3 megapixels is a long way from the 5.0 megapixel top end mobile phones of today. Despite this, it can capture a visible, but slightly low quality image, and should suffice for occasional snap photography.

In terms of size, the Nokia 1680 is small, cloudbyte.com.au/ but not exactly too slim. Instead, it offers a comfortable fit in both hand and pocket, and is certainly not chunky as some candybar phones, especially older ones, can tend to be. On the front, the 128 x 160 TFT display is clear and simple in nature.

One area that is slightly more impressive is that of battery lifetime, where the Nokia 1680 Classic can go up to almost 8 hours of talk time and a whopping 424 hours standby. Today's standards included, that is still pretty impressive, and is certainly decent enough so that recharging the phone every night would not be required unless it is used heavy. Considering the specific group it is aimed at, it is unlikely that too many heavy users will use the Nokia 1680 Classic.

Classics Never Fade

From the get-go, the Nokia 1680 Classic does not aspire to be what it isn't. Instead what it offers to customers is something that many really do want; a good, solid mobile phone. While not so long ago this phone would have been regarded as at the very cutting edge of technology, today it exists to provide an inexpensive but adequate mobile phone experience to those that would want it.

Still going strong, the design that is reminiscent michael kors sydney of early Nokia mobile phones can probably send some on a trip down memory lane. In simplicity, this phone exists to perfection, not exceeding itself, yet constantly providing a much needed avenue of simple stability.

Anyone that does not really feel that they require the most advanced, and therefore, most expensive of mobile phones would probably quickly be drawn to the Nokia 1680 Classic. In terms of mobile phone deals, this one offers value for money, and whether as a first mobile phone or simply as an inexpensive replacement, it does enough to make it worthwhile among other mobile phone deals.

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