fifa16shop: Further cards are earned by completing

Further cards are earned by completing

Dec 2 2015 at 11:45pm
Don't get obsessed with FUT and online FIFA 16 gaming. A times it can become stressful and make you grow tired of last minute defeats and internet disconnections. But Fifa 16 Coins don't forget that a friendly face is just around the corner and you really shouldn't neglect it.

Don't be afraid to tweak this system or experiment with perhaps a 4-3-3, 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 as these different shape variations can bring out the best in certain players. Using the instructions' tab on the team management menu you can now give individual players commands that will modify their performance. You can tell players to get into the box, stick to normal crossing routine or adjust their positioning from set pieces or corners.

Further cards are earned by completing challenges or via IAP (in-app purchases), some cards are better or rarer than others so there is a real card collecting & trading aspect to the game here. So far so good. A good FIFA experience with real hardware controls, however things suddenly went down hill when I installed iOS9. I'm not sure why, but after I installed the new version of Apple's OS the previously smooth gameplay often became very jerky when the ball was in the middle of the pitch, completely sapping any enjoyment out of Cheap Fifa 16 Coins the game.


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