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Information About Backpack Vacuums

Dec 3 2015 at 02:14am

Backpack vacuum cleaners vary in price ranging from two hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The price of a backpack unit will vary because of three factors. The three major pricing factors are power, filtration and vacuum cleaner weight. With backpack units being used for a broader range of cleaning applications the cleaning industry is calling for backpacks to be more powerful. It is more common to see backpack vacuums with larger motors above the ten amp range making these vacuums more expensive. For some facilities and residential homes, filtration has become a large concern. HEPA filters have become more prevalent in backpack units, driving up the cost. True HEPA vacuum cleaners can remove up to 99.9% of particles from the air that are 1 micron or larger. Green buildings and facilities require michael kors the use of HEPA filters to cut down on air pollution and fulfill green requirements. For commercial cleaners the weight of a backpack vacuum is a crucial factor. Some cleaners vacuum for extended michael kors watches australia periods of time, sometimes over two hours without a break. In this case the vacuum cleaner needs to be light weight to cut down on worker fatigue and injury.

Performance of a vacuum is a crucial consideration to keep in mind when purchasing a unit. When choosing a backpack vacuum cleaner it is important to make sure the vacuum cleaner has at least a seven amp motor with a minimum of seventy five inches of static lift. Anything under these power recommendations will seriously undermine the cleaning capability of the vacuum. Some backpack vacuum units will list the airflow in cubic feet per minute. When looking at the CFM airflow take into consideration hose length because most vacuums will loose lift with a longer hose.

The last variable to consider when looking at these types of vacuum cleaners is the environment that you are cleaning. Make sure the backpack you are looking at comes with the correct attachments for your cleaning needs, because adding on attachments latter on can be costly and may only be available in a kit. If you are cleaning an office building a long crevice tool is handy for baseboards and seat backs. For residential cleaning a round brush tool is important and handy for dusting ceiling fans, curtains and drapery. Other common kits to look for are non-scratching wood floor kits, hard floor tool kits and high up extendable tools.

With all the vacuum manufacturers in the United States sometimes making a purchasing decision can be difficult. It is important to take a look at how long a company has manufactured a certain model and if they plan to continue to produce parts for that michael kors model. It is very common for a vacuum cleaner manufacturer to release a model and discontinue parts within one or two years leaving the vacuum cleaner owner no other option other than to purchase new again.
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