weisheng3302: Search Engines And Salon Websites

Search Engines And Salon Websites

Dec 3 2015 at 05:28am

SEO is about making sure your salon's website appears high ralph lauren australia in the search page results from Google, Yahoo and other search engines so that you get the maximum number of visitors.

And the traffic from search engines is the engine driving your website ?particularly for new Salon clients. That is why at SalonGuru.net we put SEO at the top of any "to do" list.

Most people will not read past the top 3 entries in the search results page, so if your salon website is listed lower, your search traffic will be lower, particularly if our local competitors are listed in the top 3. Your website's position in the results page is called your earch engine ranking?

Search engines give results in order of elevance?or mportance?i.e. they are giving you the best answer to the question you asked in your search. So if I asked for est hair salon in Birmingham, I will get a long list of suitable websites.

polo ralph lauren Try some searches for salon phrases in your city or region and see where you are ranked. For now try the phrase air salon in??with your town/city/region.

The methods search engines use to rank results varies, but they try to assess how relevant your salon website is by looking at these factors -

1. Is the content of the website relevant?
It checks the words, images and headlines on each page to see if they have the ight?density of the keywords. So it looks for each word ?best - hair ?salon ?Birmingham ?that you used to search.

2. Is the website busy and up-to-date?
A website with higher traffic for the search phrase you used is likely to be relevant, and one that is updated often is given extra importance.

3. What other websites link to this site?
Search engines will give higher priority to a salon website that has lots of xternal links? i.e. other websites have links that point to your salon website.

So to get a great ranking for est hair salon in Birmingham?you need good content, headlines and images with those keywords, lots of visitors coming to your site and lots of other websites linking to you using some variations of the same key words.

Getting a high search rank means constantly tweaking each of your website pages to make each one more relevant and linked-to for a set of key phrases.

But, it is far more complex because the example est hair salon in Birmingham?is only one possible phrase from the hundreds people footybingo.com.au/ will use when looking for a local hair salon.

Over time the keywords and phrases should develop to include all your services and products with every variation possible. And unfortunately, it never ends, as search engines regularly change their methods, new products and services need promotion and, most importantly, you strive for ever-better rankings.

However, there are some great tools to monitor your website traffic and measure rank over time - and this lengthy and involved process is worth every second for great Salon online marketing
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