jma325: we're sure to find out what's up soon enough

we're sure to find out what's up soon enough

Dec 3 2015 at 08:45pm
 Mike said that the update file size does not necessarily stack up on top of the Runescape game's size. So, even though Dead Rising 3 is a massive 20 GB game, the 13 GB update does not always make it fill out 33 GB in your hard drive space. And so, fans who have updated did not see their hard drives fill up all the way.Now, the interesting thing here is that it's quite clear that neither Microsoft Studios nor Capcom Vancouver have shared information about the patch. It would seem that, even in the case of story based DLC, they would share details so that fans would know what to expect before they accept it.If Microsoft and Capcom are trying to keep upcoming story details on Buy RS Gold DLC a secret, that may be their reason for keeping mum this time, but I don't think it's justified. Game consoles are not consistent in performance, and what works for one may not work on another Runescape player's system. It also makes me wonder if they are purposely hiding whether they have made performance tweaks on the Runescape game or not. In any case, we're sure to find out what's up soon enough.Image source.Meet More Evolve Hunters: Griffin, Val, And Hank. After Markov, Turtle Rock Studios has revealed more characters for its upcoming shooter, Evolve. Let's do a quick rundown of Trapper Class Griffin, Support Class Hank, and Medic Class Val.Griffin is the hunter's hunter, armed to the grill with the best monster catching equipment. His harpoon gun fires a missile that has an energy current that attaches back to him. With a successful catch, the creature is tethered to Griffin in a safe range. Griffin also has sound spikes that help them find the monster, and a conventional SMG. Most potent of all is his mobile arena, which is another way of saying instant force field.Val is all about keeping her teammates' constitutions up, but surprisingly, she has a few weapon-like tools at her disposal to meet this goal. Val's Medgun fires a healing beam, which isn't all that realistic, but is pretty easy to use. As implied, it can heal teammates from a distance, even if they are heavily injured. She also has a healing burst, which affects teammates in a small radius. Val gets to shoot the monster, too, though, thanks to her anti-materiel rifle and traquilizer rifle. Shots from the anti-materiel rifle place targets for your teammates to strike, and the tranks will slow it down.Similarly, Hank is about being there for his teammates, and there are tactical advantages on choosing particular teammates to help out. For example, the shield gun protects a teammate of your choosing, so you can choose to have either unstoppable offense, or unlimited healing. He also has a cloaking device so he can get the jump on the monster.


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