weisheng3302: Shirdi Is The Ultimate Destination For Followers Of Sai Baba

Shirdi Is The Ultimate Destination For Followers Of Sai Baba

Dec 4 2015 at 02:58am

There are plenty of spiritual destinations spread throughout the length and breadth of India. If Shirdi is the soulful home of Sai Baba, then Tirupati in south India michael kors is the big draw for Hindu pilgrims and Puri, in Orissa, makes for a wonderful beach-cum-spiritual destination. Besides, the serene Shirdi hotels, the well-endowed Tirupati hotels and the 5-star Puri hotels will give you the kind of holiday you are looking for.

Shirdi, Tirupati and Puri are 3 holy locales in three different parts of the country. Shirdi is located in western India in the state of Maharashtra while Tirupati lies in the southern corner in Andhra Pradesh. On the other hand, if you travel east, then you will come across the beautiful Puri which lies curled up in Orissa, and is noted both for its sandy beaches and its pious Jagannath Puri temple.

Shirdi is a pilgrim town of intense serenity and magical charm. It is surprisingly small and simplistic yet is a big draw for tourists and pilgrims from around the country. Shirdis ticket to popularity is the fact that it is where Sai Baba, the devout saint, spent 8 decades of his life. The entire town is dipped in spirituality with holy camps and disciples spreading the eternal message of Baba eloquently. There are shops which sell photos of Baba and there are some excellent Shirdi hotels that ensure a comfortable stay.

Shirdi can be reached through rail or road. You can also fly in to the Aurangabad airport and then hail a cab or bus to the holy town. Shirdi, being a holy destination, can be visited round the year. However, if you are looking for the perfect weather, then the months between June-August are michael kors handbags australia the best. Make sure to visit the shrine of Baba on Thursday which is an auspicious day of the week.

Once you slip out of your Shirdi hotels, you can straight away head to the Samadhi Mandir, which must be your first destination. Samadhi Mandir houses the shrine of Baba. Nearby lie the Masjid and the Chavadi where Baba has spent most part of his life. During your Shirdi sightseeing, you will come across several temples and gardens of intense and pure beauty. One of the noteworthy ones is the Lendi Baug which is a garden that was built by Sai Baba himself. It also has a lighthouse. The town boasts of tranquility, chasteness, friendly people and good food. It will surely be a trip that you will cherish forever.

Tirupati is another holy town albeit in South India. It is regarded as the one of the most visited holy sites in the world. It is famous for its Temple of Lord Venkateswara which is considered the richest temple in the world. Lord Balaji or Venkateswara is the deity who rules this town. People from far and wide come to offer their homage or to ask for a wish. Most people also offer their hair before or after seeking a mannat. The town has plenty of temples, eateries, shrines and Tirupati hotels.

The visit to the temple of Lord Venkateswara is the most coveted affair. However, the crowd is so huge that you will be allowed only a few seconds to stand before the idol. While temples are the biggest draws of Tirupati, also make sure to pay a visit to the Talakona Waterfalls. It a magnificent sight and located at a distance of 49 km from the main town. Padmavati Temple is another famous landmark that you must visit. The place is an intensely holy one michael kors watches australia and you will have to abide by strict rules before entering temples. Non-vegetarian food is not available but there are plenty of other options. Tirupati hotels are good and hospitable and priced reasonably.

If you are looking for a combination of beaches and temples, then head to Puri. The Swargadwar beach is one of the sandiest beaches in the country and is adjacent to some of the top Puri hotels. The temple of Jagannath Puri is really popular and becomes a place of revelry during the festival of Rath Yatra when idols are taken out for a chariot ride. Overall, the town has plenty of attractions including the famous Chilika Lake a few kilometers away. The restaurants serve excellent food and the Puri hotels will pamper you as if you are a royal king.

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