qqq0909g: Physically Writing Your Book - Be Lazy Let Someone Else Do It

Physically Writing Your Book - Be Lazy Let Someone Else Do It

Dec 4 2015 at 05:34am

Wouldn't you just love not having to write your book? Not having to sit there cloudbyte.com.au/ at the computer and force words out on the screen. Not have to worry about your spelling (or grammar). Not have to worry about how fast you can type? Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well now you can. Let me introduce our new solution to almost all your writing woes. Let me introduce you to... The Secretary! Now I've got to admit that this was a bit of silliness on my part. You see a client of mine was complaining about having to type their book. So I was rumbling around looking for different ways to write books. I guess I got a little punchy after a while. After all, I only know one author who was able to use a secretary to write her books. Now admittedly she used four (one at a time thank goodness) and I'm sure that there are more. But I only know of one. The rest of us are just too blasted poor (and/or cheap but that tends to follow). But if you've got the money... or a spouse or child with aspirations to an obsolete skill, using a secretary is certainly a viable method. The big advantage to this method is that you get to blurt out your book using the fastest transmission method possible. Plus, because it is a live person, any problems with understanding should be questioned immediately. And although you won't have the words in front of you immediately, you will have them back very quickly. (The lady mentioned earlier used four secretaries so she could have michael kors sydney the result back the next day). And because your secretary is retyping it, they can perform an edit before you even see the written material. Imagine, having no typos and all the right it's/its/its' in the right place! At least so the theory goes. There is only one real disadvantage that I can see to this technique... $$$$$$$$... yup money, the old buckarooney. Unless you are born to money the sad truth is that most of us can't afford to use a secretary. On the other hand you could be like the lady in question. Who was a Lady -- as in English nobility. And the cousin of her publisher but that's michael kors bags australia another story entirely. Or you could be the CEO of a major corporation where stealing secretarial time isn't frowned on. Or at least, wasting their time on transcribing your books isn't. But if you were that big why not go all the way? Why not just hire a communications manager and let them write your book for you? Now if you can afford it on the other hand.....

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