qqq0909g: Everything You Need To Know About Static Caravans

Everything You Need To Know About Static Caravans

Dec 4 2015 at 05:35am

So you have seen a static caravans sale advertised on the Internet; youe been thinking about investing in a holiday home and you have decided to cheap toms shoes canada take the plunge. Well, unless you have done it before then you probably need a little advice. So, here it is. The perfect guide to owning static caravans.

Statics and holiday homes or even obile homes?are the same thing. tomsshoescanada.shabkar.net/ The names all refer to the combination purpose of a static caravan: it is a caravan that is designed not to move, but it is also a home that is designed to move. Confused? Let try and sort you out. When you attend a static caravans sale you are going to an event, or to look at a premises, that is selling mobile living units: mobile in that they can be loaded onto a truck bed and taken places.

Static caravans are not designed to be cheap toms canada moved from site to site, or even from season to season: just on that initial journey from where you bought them to where they will stay. So now you know why they are referred to both as tatic?and obile? Where else could you buy a fully appointed holiday home that goes on the back of a truck?

All of which leads us nicely into our second point. When you attend a static caravans sale, you are not buying the right to put your holiday home on a piece of land that you do not already own. In other words: if you don own the land suitable for putting your static on, then you will need to make arrangements to hire a pitch for it. Most static caravans get pitched on holiday parks. You will pay a year round rental for the space your static occupies; and you will probably also pay utilities charges for electricity and water, plus a general charge for site wide maintenance.

If you have got the land and you have definitely decided on buying a static, you are going to want to know what kind of static to buy. In general terms, a static caravans sale opportunity is split four ways: between new and old, and between bigger and smaller. Again, in other words: what do you want; and what can you afford.

Choose a configuration of rooms and fittings that suits the size of your family. A retiree, for example, may wish to choose static caravans that are heavy on the optional extras (like digital satellite aerials moulded into the roof) and light on rooms. A family of five at a static caravans sale is going to be looking for a static that is capable of sleeping five people.

Wear and tear is a big issue for all caravans. When you have an opportunity to buy static caravans, carry out a physical check of the model you are thinking of buying. Check that all seals are good and that you can feel no weak patches in floor or walls where damp may have compromised the structure.
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