weemayy134: some use nike air max of copyright

some use nike air max of copyright

Dec 4 2015 at 05:36am
"Oh, womens nike shoes my lord, you Tai Xiaoqiao feature film and television production instrument, in nike online shop fact, I want to use video production Miriam reason is that the" war era "design a movie or a TV series, to the time we can be on the game's official forum Posted ah, there is the instrument that film and television production technology inside, your earth is not, it can cause a lot of foreign Entertainment Group's attention, so that you can sell some use nike air max of copyright, that time is not that there are sources of funding yet. "
Sola was such a reminder, Wang Hao is a moment that he did not think how they do, look at those games which step is not to shoot the piece of information or something, but the film is difficult to achieve, after all, requires a lot of manpower and financial resources, no nike free 5.0 one Entertainment Group or nike free 5.0 womens the game company to shoot the game brain fever movie or TV series.
Even if nike running shoes for men there is a low cost, the kind of investment nike free nike air yeezy run womens trail running shoes is not high, if he let Sola instrument to make use of film and television production movies or TV nike reax shows, then "war era" will certainly high degree of concern, but also think Wang Hao one problem is that movies and TV problem here, nike plus if true released movies and TV shows, nike free run then certainly have to offend a group of people.
"Oh, you is not giving me trouble it, to know that China nike air max zero has a lot of movies and TV roshes nike 5.0 nike shows interest in it, the devil knows they will not come against us as a joint company to these games or the Internet giant." Wang Hao also and Sola explained his concerns.


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