fifa15coins4u: Preview of Espanyol VS Barcelona

Preview of Espanyol VS Barcelona

Dec 4 2015 at 08:07pm
In the critical stage of the league, Barcelona usher in the Catalan derby.
Spaniard is currently ranked tenth, just four points away from the war in Europe seats.
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Although the fifa 16 ps coins Champions League draw was attracted all the attention, but the priority is to play well against Barcelona for the weekend league. Currently the team two points ahead of Real Madrid, the Spanish round of the challenges ushered in Barcelona naturally want to win to keep the standings advantage, but the Spaniard also need integration impact the war in Europe next season seats.
Players List
Enrique in the last Friday before the training, Harvey rejoin to participate in training. Saturday morning Enrique announced the 18-man list: Teershite roots, Bravo, Alves, Adriano, Pique, Batra, Mascherano, Mathieu, Alba, cloth Sike Ci, Harvey, Roberto, Rakitic, Rafinha, Pedro Suarez, Lionel Messi, Neymar. Masi Pu, Montoya, Douglas and injured Weiermalun missed the fifa 16 xbox coins game.

Spanish side, the former Barcelona player Sanchez suspended, Mattioni is out injured.
Coach view
Barcelona coach the team do not want to Champions League distraction:. "Now only a game, is the weekend's derby game for the fans is very important for us is the key to the round."

Representation and Enrique Gonzalez will temporarily put aside personal relationships: "He knows the game of our ambitions, we are very confident and I believe he will come up with the best performance.."
Team status
Over the past eight games Barcelona won seven league victories in the Champions League tournament also performed extremely well, eliminated two rounds 5-1 Paris Saint-Germain cut. Spaniards in the last six fut 16 coins games unbeaten, only a quarter of the seats from the war in Europe, ranking tenth in the standings.
Previous history
Prior to the two teams meet at the Nou Camp, Garcia's goal to help the Spaniards the lead, but Messi's hat-trick, Pique and Pedro's goal to help Barcelona win 5-1 reversal. Last season the two teams met at the Spanish home, relying on Lionel Messi's penalty victory over Barcelona. Spanish from 2009 has moved to a new home, never home victory over Barcelona, ??five league record of two draws and three defeats.

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