fifa16shop: Coupled with the improved Premier

Coupled with the improved Premier

Dec 4 2015 at 11:26pm
Just like in many sports games the visuals is an important part of FIFA 15 as EA Sports have made the game look gorgeous on the PlayStation 4. The stadiums look as close to the real thing as possible and as I said above you see the pitch evolve from a pristine green surface to Fifa 16 coins buy a surface with chunks of grass missing etc. As for the players the kits and faces both look lifelike, although some faces give a blank lifeless stare.

Coupled with the improved Premier League experience, commentary has also been given some enhancements. Following the events of the 2014 World Cup, commentators will discuss certain events that affected the players on the pitch. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith will mention Steven Gerrard's header to Luis Suarez which lead to Uruguay's second goal against England, as well as Sergio Aguero's lack of goals for Argentina.

But it doesn't stop there, Tyler and Smith will also converse on happenings in lower Fifa 16 coins buy leagues too such as QPR's last minute goal against Derby County in the Championship Play-Off Final.


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