weisheng3302: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS Vita - Game Features and Highlights

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS Vita - Game Features and Highlights

Dec 6 2015 at 05:17am

The best-selling Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game, which was released on Microsoft Xbox 360 as well as PS3 in 2011, is now available on Sony PlayStation's latest hand-held console, the Vita Vita. Every gameplay element and feature in the original game are packed into this hand-held version of the popular fighting video game. The game includes gorgeous console quality michael kors outlet australia visuals, an enormous lineup of 50 playable fighters, every single player as well as multi-player option from the console game, along with the option of fighting utilising the PS Vita's touch screen.


Within Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, players choose trio three characters prior to each battle, and can swap-out fighters at any moment during a fight. In order to defeat their opposing team, gamers must wipe out their opponent's health level, or alternatively possess more health when the fight timer runs out. Every team contains a Hyper-Combo gauge that will fill up the more you attack - this gauge can be used to carry out special attacks, called 'Hyper Combinations'. Within matches, gamers can utilise one of their other fighters to perform an 'Assist Strike' by hitting the Assist-Attack button.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is played on a 2-dimensional plane, despite the fact that game backdrops and fighter animations are drawn in 3D. There are three assault buttons, utilised for light, medium as well as heavy assaults. The exchange button may be used to hurl an opponent into the sky plus exchange your fighter whilst executing an 'Air Combination'. Gamers may also use 'X-Factor' boosters, that grant your fighter with more speed, hitting power as well as health renewal for only a short time interval.


Enormous Roster of Fighters - Including an impressive lineup of fifty usable fighters, players can fight as any favourite Marvel and Capcom fighters. Fighters include renowned heroes including Thor, Phoenix Wright, Spider Man, Nemisis, Wolverine, Trish and Taskmaster.

Vita Hardware Features - Play making use of traditional controls, or alternatively make use of PlayStation Vita's touch-screen display in order to carry out strikes. Swap game-content with nearby Ps Vita's utilising NEAR capability. Use Wi-Fi and take on anyone worldwide in one of michael kors australia several on-line multi-player game modes, as well as view and share your matches by using the Spectator option. Players may also play the PS3 variant of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, using their Ps Vita as the controller.

Gameplay Modes - Game play modes include Training, Arcade and Versus modes, in addition to the 'Heroes/Heralds' game option, that is a single-player plus multi-player team based mode by which gamers compete within factions as a Hero defending the Earth or alternatively as a Herald. Use the PlayStation Vita's WiFi connectivity to be able to play local multi-player and on-line multi-player games.

Stunning New Stages - The game features 8 brand new stages which will test out ones combat skills, together with many tweaks as well as additions to the existing levels.

Rebalanced Game Play - The game play in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 also has been rebalanced to help be easier to get to grips with for newbies in addition to provide increased depth for experienced players.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is due for launch from 22nd Feb, 2012, and shall be available only on PlayStation Vita. The publishing house for the game michael kors australia is Capcom, and this game is developed by Capcom. PEGI 12 will be the issued PEGI rating for this video game, and will be therefore suitable for gamers 12 years as well as older. Multiplayer options are offered in this video game, for up to 8 gamers.
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