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I liked The Old MySpace were you could totally create your own unique page one thing That I have found out its not so easy t o create a following .. if they only new me they would all flo ck fast... to support me and my ideas ... its plain and very s imple I want to fix things that suck... on Facebook and my-spa ce who the hell do you call when you run into trouble good luc k .. if I ever got the chance to be that big --- 24/7 support would be the my first investment... all I can do is try at lea st I have a new home to enjoy :) I'm happy


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The physical act of smoking - of course I like it. I like it s o much that I think about it when I'm not doing it. I make pro visions so I can do it. I spend a lot of money on it.


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For those of you who don't already know, I will be leaving Lov e and Life Photography effective December 1 and Tracey will ta ke over as the sole owner.


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I'm not just a nurse. I'm inventing a new model of health care . At VA, healing is just the beginning. Our nurses have the ab ility to make suggestions


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Oh I so dream of having my own studio one day, I don't even ne ed a big space but I already envision what it would look like, with robin egg blue colored walls, and white shelves filled w ith all colors of yarn and bolts of fabric, and a big window w ith lace curtains, beautiful pink tulips on the window sill.

*sigh* it's good to dream.


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While I don't watch much news anymore (I find most so called “ journalists” to be either too frightened or too stupid to ask real questions that actually matter) I see enough to keep up w ith the major stories. I was glad to see Napolitano mention th e failure of the national media as well in the book. This book will really open your eyes to how broken our government is, n ot just because it's virtually bankrupt, but because it fails to uphold the constitution and protect the very citizens that fund it.


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I'm very worried guys.. our Government is fucking out of contr ol like trolls.. This website really caught my eye.. RoyElvis Is a patriot Scholar..


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Some of the best things in life are intangible. You can experi ence them at any time if you just open your heart and mind to let them in.